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We are pleased to announce the
in the 2009-2010 Kids' Science Challenge competition!

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Sports on Mars

Tyrone Hutchinson

Grand Prize Winner:
Tyrone Hutchinson II,
Lyons NY

Tyrone's Blog

Finalist Winners:

Paetyn Moyer Paetyn Moyer, Grain Valley MO
Faith Chamberlain Faith Chamberlain,
Port Angeles WA
Team Marzbarz
Team Marzbarz,
Superior CO
(Bliss Lvedtke, Tesla Newton, Madison Kirby, Kate Demarsh, Grant Peterson, Julia Masciarelli)

Detective Science

The Marine Bustoligists

Grand Prize Winner:
Team Marine Bustologists
(Caitlyn Taylor, Mason Wonka)
Vero Beach FL

Caitlyn & Mason's Blog


Finalist Winners:

Erin Mittman Erin Mittman,
Palo Alto CA
Lillith Bulawa Lillith Bulawa, Ava NY
Jeremiah Tien Jeremiah Tien, Bothell WA
Sona Dolasia

Sona Dolasia,
Mill Valley CA

Lauren A. Alcindor Lauren A. Alcindor,
East Stroudsburg PA

Bio-Inspired Design

Olivia Smith Donovan

Grand Prize Winner:
Olivia Smith Donovan, Wilmington DE

Olivia's blog

Finalist Winners:

Dannielle Kerstetter Dannielle Kerstetter,
Millerton PA
Jayani Ratnam Jayani Ratnam, Acton MA
Paul Miloro Paul Miloro, Marietta GA
Grace-Anne Valverde Grace-Anne Valverde, Irving TX
Rachel Hunter Rachel Huber, St. Peter MN

Sports on Mars


Detective Science


Bio-Inspired Design

  Candy Prize

Red Star A trip to NASA JPL


All expenses paid trip to NASA JPL in Pasadena California. This trip is all expenses paid and includes airfare and other transportation.

Red Star A week at Space Camp

Space Camp

One week at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. This trip is all expenses paid EXCEPT airfare and other transportation.


The Grand Prize Winner of the Sports on Mars competition wins these 2 TRIPS!
Other prizes also to be awarded in this field:

Solar System & Space Exploration Library

World Book:

Red Star Solar System & Space Exploration Library

(10 volume Set) - This full-color, 10 volume set is an exciting and informative introduction to the solar system and space exploration.

Space Exploration Kit

Thames and Kosmos:

Red Star Space Exploration Kit

Blast off on a mission to explore outer space and the objects in it. Learn about rocket propulsion with balloons and chemically powered rockets. Build a telescope and star map to investigate the stars and constellations. Assemble a model of the solar system and learn about the planets that share it

Mars Kit

Frey Scientific /
School Specialty Science

Red Star Exploring Mars Lab Investigations Kit

Take an off-planet field trip using a CD-ROM that features the latest images of Mars.




Red Star Wham-O Kits




Red Star Quizmo Starter Set

Quizmo Is The Fun, Interactive Quiz Game With An Electronic Brain That Knows The Answers To 693,135 Questions.

Edmunds Scientific's

Edmund Scientific:

Red Star Great prizes from Edmund Scientific




Water Prize

Blue Star A trip to Syracuse University

Syracuse Unversity

Work with Forensic Scientists at Syracuse University in Syracuse N.Y. This trip is all expenses paid and includes airfare and other transportation.

Blue Star A week at a Pali
Adventures Camp

Pali Adventures

Secret Agent Camp offers a one-of-a kind experience for kids who want to learn undercover maneuvers and enjoy exhilarating activities. With spy games, lazer tag, martial arts, and lots of paintball campers are sure to have a great time while learning the skills of a real secret agent. Pali Adventures is located in Lake Arrowhead, California. This trip is all expenses paid EXCEPT airfare and other transportation.

The Grand Prize Winner of the Detective Science competition wins these 2 TRIPS!
Other prizes also to be awarded in this field:

Discovery Encyclopedia

World Book:

Blue Star Discovery Encyclopedia

A redesigned and expanded edition of World Book's popular Student Discovery Encyclopedia.

Chem C1000


Thames and Kosmos:

Blue Star Chem C1000

Begin to build a strong foundation in chemistry with exposure to a broad range of chemical phenomena and hands-on laboratory experience.

EyeClops Bionic Eye



Blue Star EyeClops Bionic Eye

Much more fun than a microscope, the EyeClops transforms any television into an interactive TV toy. With the EyeClops, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

EyeClops Night Vision Goggles


Blue Star EyeClops Night Vision Goggles

Covert operations…nocturnal maneuvers…with EyeClops Night Vision, kids rule the night!

Dual Night Vision Goggles


Blue Star Discovery Kids Dual Night Vision Goggles

Discover the world when the lights go out! kids can sneak around in the dark and play spy games!

Mars Kit

School Specialty Science

Frey Scientific /
School Specialty Science

Blue Star Autographed Forensics Library


Edmunds Scientific's

Edmund Scientific:

Blue Star Great prizes from Edmund Scientific


  SETI prize

Green Star A trip to California to work with Scientists at the University of California.

 University of California

This trip is all expenses paid and includes airfare and other transportation.

Green Star An exclusive VIP tour at the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo

This trip to the San Diego Zoo is all expenses paid EXCEPT airfare and other transportation.


The Grand Prize Winner of the Bio-Inspired Design competition wins these 2 TRIPS! Other prizes also to be awarded in this field: below!


Living Green

World Book:

Green Star Living Green

(9 Vol. set) - In this comprehensive series, students explore environmental issues and current efforts to reduce human impact on the environment

Inventions and Discoveries

World Book:

Green Star Inventions and Discoveries

(12 vol. set) - An extensive exploration of great inventions and discoveries throughout history

TK2 Scope


Thames and Kosmos:

Green Star TK2 Scope

Embark on a guided journey through the microscopic world, revealing its hidden creatures and unseen structures with the new TK2 Scope.

Safari Scope


Green Star Safari Scope

Easy viewing of land and sky. View distant landmarks at great magnifications.

3 in 1 Safari Scope


Green Star 3 in 1 Safari Scope

Use this microscope in 3 unique ways - Indoor – use on base for traditional viewing; Outdoor – detach from base and discover microscopic worlds outside!



Green Star Wham-O Kits





Green Star ZOOB Mover

The ZOOBMover Power Building Set adds a new dimension to open-ended building.

Edmunds Scientific's

Edmund Scientific:

Green Star Great prizes from Edmund Scientific



Tyrone Hutchinson II and his winning artwork

My idea for a game is called magnetic soil ball. The object of the game is to get a magnetic ball and cover it with as much magnetic soil as possible. After you do that, you have to dunk or shoot the magnetic ball in the basket. When the ball goes into the basketball hoop, the magnetic soil falls of into a bucket below the hoop. Which ever team fills their bucket first wins the game. The other team could steal your ball. The players wear golden astrounaut suits to reflect the sun. The magnetic ball could also collect dust so the players could see.

Tyrone Hutchinson II is a 5th grader from Lyons Elementary School in Lyons, NY.

Team Bustology and their winning artwork

Coral reefs are being killed by the sand and silt from dredging operations. The mystery is, “who is killing the coral reefs in Florida?” To catch the culprits we will take the samples of sediment that has been dumped on/around the coral. Also, take samples of past dredging areas and compare/match them. Using the samples of sediment we will trace the area it came from, research and find out what dredging companies were used in that specific place. Using that information we will go from there.

We have found out that killing coral is illegal. We would like to catch whatever company is dumping wastes/sediment, from dredging, on coral instead of going farther out where they are supposed to go. I hope they know that killing 1 coral is killing over 39 organisms that live in and around it.

6th graders Mason Wonka and Caitlyn Taylor are team Marine Bustologists from Storm Grove Middle School in Vero Beach, FL.

Olivia Smith Donovan and her winning artwork

I would like to use helicopter seeds (maple tree seeds) to safely and quickly drop emergency parcels and people from great heights.

Olivia Smith Donovan is a 4th grader from Claymont Elementary in Wilmington, DE.

My cheer jumps would be totally fantastic on Mars. I could probably do a double triple twist down, into a octuple back layout and still have time for a tight squeeze landing. My cheer coaches thought this would be a real challenge for their routine planning. So I might need to bring them along for help.

Paetyn Moyer is a 4th grader from Holliday Montessori in Grain Valley, MO.

Dust Hunter

Dust Hunter! The object of the game is to be the person with the most dust. You have ten minutes to kick dust into the air and then three minutes to gather as much dust as you can.

Faith Chamberlain is a 4th grader in Quenn of Angels Scholl in Port Angeles, WA.

Team Marzbarz

Our sport takes place in a crater with lots of dust. We chose to use a zorb which is like a hamster ball from the thought of zorbing. We will use sensors and lasers for a scoring system. We will be wearing a suit in the ball just in case the ball breaks so you can still breathe. Also, the suit is providing a helmet for ultra violet rays, protection from cold weather, and it provides you water.

Team Marzbarz (Bliss Lvedtke, Tesla Newton, Madison Kirby, Kate Demarsh, Grant Peterson and Julia Masciarelli) are 5th graders from Eldorado K-8 in Superior, CO.

The mystery I want to solve is who toilet-papered my neighbors home while they were away.

Erin Mittman is a 5th grader from Duveneck Elementary School in Palo Alto, CA.

Something peculiar happened. When I went to check my plants for my project and record the data, I saw a big change in their growth charts. I knew something was up because I never used a miracle grow or anything. So, I, like a real detective, went back to the scene of the crime. I grabbed my magnifying glass and saw some footprints. They were really small. I suspected the criminal had to be anything but human. i took prints on all the humans and nonhuman members of the family to see who i could rule in and out.

Lillith Bulawa is a 6th grader at Staley Upper Elementary in Ava, NY.

Have you ever wondered why gum was under the seat? Who stuck it there? Those are my questions. My idea is to use forensic science to discover who stuck the gum under the seat. You could use the fingerprints on the gum or seat edge. How far down the gum was under the seat could determine the culprit's arm length. There could be fibers from the culprit's clothes on the seat or gum. Who sat in the seat at the time? Were they chewing gum? What color was it? Would the saliva from the gum have the chewer's DNA? Those questions and more can help solve this everyday mystery.

Jeremiah Tien is a home-schooled 5th grader from Bothell, WA.

An everyday mystery in my house is: Who’s been taking gumballs from the gumball machine? My solution works with almost any mystery that involves something that has sugar being eaten Solution: Maybe we can make something like Litmus paper, but changes color when it touches sugar(has to be nontoxic). Parents can put it in water, foods (Exept sugary ones), and maybe tooth paste. The culprits’s mouth will turn a color, so it’s easy to find among crowds.

Sona Dolasia is a 5th grader at Edna Maguire Elementary Schol in Mill Valley, CA

A dog goes missing at a birthday party; we try to figure it out with the available evidence.

Lauren A. Alcindor is a 5th grader at East Stroudsberg Elementary in east Stroudsberg, PA.

The Kangaroo Flyer Pouch for human babies.

Dannielle Kersetter is a 6th grader at Warren L. Miller Elementary in Millerton, PA.

It’s a Green cactus roof: Well, I thought about getting cactus spines on roofs. The reason I got this idea was because I learned that cactuses have special spines that keep it cool. So now we can make roofs with spikes so it will shade and insulate. No need for airconditioner.

Jayani Ratnam is a 4th grader at Gates Elementary School in Acton, MA.

My idea falls into the bio-inspired design category because it is based off of a plant. However, the energy it produces is for the benefit of humans; it is like a solar panel that grows, and thus, I call it an electroplant. There is a significant difference between a regular plant and the electroplant; the electroplant is entirely inorganic, if the water does not freeze or boil, it can grow in the vacuum of space. In my idea, almost every component in the design was based off of a plant. For example, the transpirator is reminiscent of trees, which evaporate water through their leaves, drawing up nutrients through their roots. This occurs using not a single ounce of electricity; I wanted my electroplant to be as energy efficient as possible, so I followed nature’s example.

Paul Miloro is a 5th grader at Keheley Elementary in Marietta, GA.

The lion's tongue was the inspiration for my invention. The surface of a lion's tongue is very rough as it has sharp spines called papillae on it. They help lions to easily remove every scrap of meat from the bones of its prey. Don't get next to a lion!

Grace-Anne Valverde is a 3rd grader at Texas Virtual Academy in South Irving, TX.

A skunk makes it powerful smell by adding two substances together. Thiols and Mercaptan are the names of both of them. These mix together and make one compound that smells horrible. Thiols are what give the skunk a strong smell and Mercaptan makes the smell stick or hang on for a long time. My invention idea is to make a spray bottle device that holds both Mercaptan and Thiols in different sides of the bottle. These two chemicals would only mix together when they are sprayed. For example Police Officers could carry a bottle of Skunk Spray with them to stop criminals like they can do now with Pepper Spray.

Rachel Huber is a home-schooled 5th grader in Saint Peter, MN.