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Project Credits


Executive Producer Jim Metzner has produced more than 5,000 short-format radio programs since 1979, including the Pulse of the Planet and the Sounds of Science, winning many broadcasting and media awards. Visit Jim's web site.

Project Manager Eileen McAdam is co-founder of the World Sound Foundation and producer of the Hudson Valley Sound and Story Project.

Marketing Director Megan Dzwonkowski worked for 9 years at Discovery Channel managing all aspects of the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge and is also a corporate special event planning consultant.

Science Advisor Robert Russell is a developmental psychologist who consults with media, museum, and community/youth organizations on the design of informal science learning projects.

Science Advisor Steve Jacobs worked for many years as the technical advisor for Mister Wizard.  He is the science writer for the cable television series Myth Busters.

Science Advisor Michael Templeton watches over the mathematics in Cyberchase, a daily half hour PBS TV series, and previously did the same for the science in The Magic School Bus TV series.

Peggy Sarlin writes children's television shows for Disney, Nickelodeon and PBS. She has written the public tours of Kennedy Space Center for NASA, educational films for the British Museum and Smithsonian, and a show-stopping comedy song for Bette Midler.


  • Jim Metzner, Executive Producer, Kids’ Science Challenge
  • Michael Templeton, Science Advisor, Pulse of the Planet, Kids' Science Challenge
  • Steve Jacobs, Science Advisor, Kids’ Science Challenge
  • Kenny Luna, middle school teacher, columnist for Discovery’s Tree Hugger
  • Dave Clark, elementary science teacher, producer, Faraday Studios


Sensational Sounds:

  • Bart Hopkin, maker of acoustic musical instruments and a student of musical instruments worldwide.

Super Stuff for Sports:

  • Daniel A. Savin, Assistant Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Southern Mississippi

Magical Microbes:

  • Richard A. Gross, Professor of Chemical and Biological Science, Polytechnic University (New York)
  • Derek R. Lovley, Professor of Microbiology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


  • Susan Olshuff: Development
  • Valerie Knight-Williams: Evaluation
  • Marquita Takei: Project Manager KSC Afterschool Outreach, Graphic Designer
  • Spencer Weisbroth: Legal Counsel
  • Shiloh Vanaver: Animator
  • Janet Baus: Video Editor
  • Tasha Nesbit: Office Manager and Administrative Assistant
  • Kate Lasko: Researcher
  • Bibi Farber: I Wanna Know! words, music and performance
  • Livia Vanaver and Vanaver Caravan: Dance Troupe featured in video

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